Smart Energy Storage System

Choose from our wide range of solar product selection that meets your specific projects and business requirements.
Three Phase Hybrid Inverter

5-14kW Low Voltage Hybrid Inverter

Chisage ESS IP65 Mars series three-phase 5-14kW hybrid inverter has colorful 7-inch touch LCD.

Home Battery Pack

10kWh Wall Mounted Battery Pack

CHISAGE ESS MOON series battery pack was specifically developed as an energy storage solution for modern residential properties.

Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter

8-20kW Residential Grid Tie Inverter

CHISAGE IP66 three phase 8kW-20kW grid tie inverter with 3 MPPTs.

One Stop Energy Storage System Provider

CHISAGE has been the leading energy storage system supplier to different industries. We offer one-stop solutions to both industrial, commercial, and residential settings. Our wide range of services includes the design, installation, and maintenance of energy storage systems and the sale of related components and equipment. With a range of products and services available, we can help you design a customized energy storage solution that meets your unique requirements.

Leader In Energy Storage Industry

CHISAGE has an extensive experience and knowledge in the field of energy storage, and can provide guidance on the best systems and components for your specific needs.

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Energy Storage System For Home

CHISAGE offers home energy storage system solution that allows homeowners to store excess energy produced by their solar panels. The stored energy can then be used later during power outages.

We provide ESS solutions for home including lithium-ion batteries with high capacity. High-quality inverters are also provided to convert the DC power stored in the battery into AC power. The converted power can be used by the home’s electrical system.

Energy Storage System For Commercial & Industry

As a professional manufacturer, CHISAGE offers commercial and industrial (C&I) ESS for businesses and organizations to store energy produced by renewable sources. The stored energy can be used later when the demand for electricity is high or when the grid experiences disruptions.

Our C&I energy storage system solution has a superior-quality battery that provides the storage capacity needed to support the application. We use lithium-ion batteries to ensure high energy density and long lifespan.

Through our C&I inverters, DC power stored in the battery is converted into AC power that the building or facility can use. A control system manages the energy storage system and ensures that it operates efficiently and safely.

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As a leading ESS manufacturer, we are excited to share our latest products and services transforming how we store and use energy. We will be participating in trade shows around the world to showcase our latest energy storage system (ESS) solutions.

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