All In One ESS

Chisage ESS is committed to the research and production of home energy storage systems, and we are proud to introduce the high-voltage all-in-one ESS that combines beauty and performance. It It utilizes an integrated battery and inverter design, no need for complicated configuration, and is more convenient for home use, especially popular in Europe.

Chisage ESS High-Voltage all-in-one ESS with IP66 protection degree, including single-phase 3kW-8kW and three-phase 4kW-20kW. It features an ultra-wide battery voltage range of 80-500V/80-800V, max. PV input current of 18A, and charge/discharge current of 27A/30A suitable for medium and high voltage batteries. It supports 100% full-load charging and discharging, WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, and is capable of UPS-level switching in less than 10ms.

Please feel free to contact our professional team for more information. We are looking forward to providing you with excellent service and helping you innovate your home energy management towards a greener and smarter future!


3-8kW Super Wide Battery Voltage Range All In One ESS


4-20kW Super Wide Battery Voltage Range All In One ESS

We provide basic warranty for individually inverter and battery; some products support extended warranty, please contact us for details.

We provide local technical support, including test samples, products training; during the first six months we provide free replacement of new units, during warranty period support free replacement spareparts.