After years of in-depth research and development in the micro inverter market, our micro inverters have gained the trust and favor of our customers. Currently, our company offers two main micro inverter models: 800W and 2000W. These models are designed with a one-to-two and one-to-four configuration, respectively. They are lightweight, compact, and designed for low-voltage applications with a maximum DC voltage of 60V. Our micro inverters feature an IP67 fully encapsulated design, have a 25-year design life, and hold certifications such as EC62109, 61000, and VDE4105. They are perfectly suited for rooftop or balcony solar power systems, catering to the electricity needs of homes, offices, small shops, and more.

From a hardware perspective, our micro inverters use Panasonic relays and microchip chips, with components sourced from internationally renowned brands. The internal wiring layout is aesthetically pleasing and highly practical.

From a software perspective, our micro inverters have an MPPT response time of less than 1ms, surpassing most brands on the market. They incorporate multiple protection mechanisms, including overcurrent protection, grid voltage fluctuation protection, reverse connection protection, short-circuit protection, and more. Additionally, these micro inverters come with built-in intelligent monitoring and communication systems for user convenience.

If you are considering purchasing a micro inverter system or would like to learn more about micro inverters, our expert team is more than happy to answer your questions and provide personalized solutions. Contact us today!


800W American Standard European Standard MPPT Microinverter


2000W American Standard European Standard MPPT Microinverter

We provide basic warranty for individually inverter and battery; some products support extended warranty, please contact us for details.

We provide local technical support, including test samples, products training; during the first six months we provide free replacement of new units, during warranty period support free replacement spareparts.