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As a fast-growing company, CHISAGE ESS firmly believes that the future of green energy requires the common strength of the world, and is looking for talented people from all over the world. At CHISAGE ESS, we provide you with generous benefits, plenty of room for growth, and an open and inclusive work environment to help you realize the vision of green energy. Join us now!

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Office Environment

We provide a clean and comfortable office environment, create an open and inclusive team atmosphere, and focus on the physical and mental health of employees.


Welfare Treatment

We offer competitive compensation, performance systems and benefit programs, encourage employees to participate in continuous learning and professional development, and provide training and educational support.


Personal Development

We value the personal growth and career development of our employees, encourage them to come up with innovative ideas and solutions, and provide opportunities for promotion and advancement.

Empowering Green, Working Together

Be Part Of Something Great

In our company, we encourage employees to actively explore the unknown and unleash their full potential. We believe that everyone possesses unique talents and capabilities. Therefore, we provide a positive environment where employees are free to unleash their creativity and showcase their individual value. We encourage proactive learning, venturing into new territories, and offer training and resource support to facilitate continuous growth and breakthroughs. Here, you will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, surpass existing boundaries, and embark on a journey of endless possibilities. Join us in exploring the unknown and creating your own remarkable story!