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About Chisage Polska

As a subsidiary of Chisage ESS, a global leader in energy storage solutions, our mission at Chisage Polska is to facilitate the transition to clean energy in Poland and beyond, supporting homes, businesses, and industries while driving the adoption of renewable energy across Europe.

Our Mission

We strive to make energy storage efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly, supporting the transition to renewable energy sources and enhancing both environmental sustainability and energy security.

Our Vision

Our vision is to lead Europe in providing innovative, quality energy storage solutions, driving economic growth, environmental sustainability, and the global shift towards renewable energy through continuous research and development.

Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy at Chisage Polska revolves around creating customer value and fostering lasting relationships. By prioritizing customer needs, delivering innovative and sustainable solutions, and forging strategic partnerships, we aim to educate and empower communities across Europe in their transition towards renewable energy. Through localized marketing efforts, we ensure our solutions resonate with diverse audiences, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Meet the Energy Experts

Herong Yang

Herong Yang

All the way, Chisage has always adhered to the business philosophy of “customer first, striver-oriented, synergistic innovation and maintaining the spirit of hard work and simplicity".

Maciej Chyb

Maciej Chyb

Graduate of the Kielce University of Technology Leader with experience in team management and project implementation. He currently works for Chisage ESS - a company that aims to revolutionize the ESS market.

Bin Chen(1)

Bin Chen

Mr. Chen brings over 10 years of experience in the renewable energy sector, driving the company towards excellence and innovation. His visionary leadership and commitment to sustainability have positioned Chisage ESS at the forefront of the energy storage industry.

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Founding of Ningbo U&K Fashion Co., Ltd, the predecessor of Ningbo Chisage Holdings Co., Ltd.

Sichuan Chisage New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is a supplier engaged in electronic material, energy anode material, manganese manganese oxide and high purity manganese sulfate. I am one of the Aiding Sichuan projects organized by traders from Zhejiang to rebuild and restore the livelihoods and economy in Qingchuan after the earthquake of 12. May support.

Jiangsu Chisage Carbon Photonics Research and Development Center Co. was founded and focuses on the production and sale of new biomedical technologies as well as the acquisition of the global leader in green phototherapy.

Ningbo Chisage Resource Co. Ltd. was founded under the umbrella of Chisage Group and focuses on the business platform for bulk goods trading. Zhejiang Chisage Holding Group Co., Ltd. has been renamed Chisage Holding Group Co., Ltd. Beijing Ounlitiancheng Network Technologist Co., Ltd. has become a subsidiary of Chisage Group and is an innovation-oriented technology company specializing in high quality audio products.

Zhejiang Jingyan Shenlan New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. has become a member of Chisage Group. The company is committed to the industrialization of high-performance batteries with aqueous secondary electrolyte and is currently mainly promoting the low-speed forklift truck and the new energy storage power plant. Zhejiang Chisage New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is an integrator and investor of energy storage and intelligent system solutions specializing in the integration of new aqueous batteries, modules, packs, racks and integration solutions.

Founded in April 2024, Chisage Polska is a European division of Chisage ESS. Our mission is to provide European companies with ESS and B ESS Technologies and technical, marketing, and sales support to achieve technological and business development.

Along the way, CHISAGE has pushed its cause forward and advanced into the future. With customer orientation as a guideline, aspiration, the spirit of hard work and a simple life as a consistent pursuit, it is determined to be a group company both in industry and in the field of industrial investment that continuously creates value.

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