Grid Tie Inverter

CHISAGE ESS has always been a leader in energy innovation, providing customers with high quality grid tie inverters. Our grid tie inverters are available in a wide range of power bands, covering single-phase 3kW-6kW and three-phase 3kW-110kW. These grid tie inverters come with a five-year warranty, a high IP66 protection rating, high conversion efficiency, high PV input current, and a low PV start-up voltage, which enables them to generate power quickly and maintain efficient and stable operation within a short period of time. Meanwhile, our grid tie inverters also support Bluetooth communication function, which helps you to set and monitor the inverter parameters more easily.

CHISAGE ESS grid tie inverters are fully qualified with various certifications and are suitable for homes, stores, factories, hospitals, farms and other scenarios, which are favored by different countries and customers. Whether you want to provide sustainable and clean energy for your home or reduce energy production costs for your business, we have a customized grid tie solution to meet your needs.

If you are interested in our grid tie inverters or need more information, please feel free to contact our sales team. We will be happy to support you!


3-6kW Single Phase Grid Tie Inverter


40-60kW Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter


8-20kW Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter


75-110kW Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter


22-30kW Three Phase Grid Tie Inverter

We provide basic warranty for individually inverter and battery; some products support extended warranty, please contact us for details.

We provide local technical support, including test samples, products training; during the first six months we provide free replacement of new units, during warranty period support free replacement spareparts.