Our Partners

Our partners are important in helping us deliver innovative energy storage solutions across Europe. We are proud to work with leading companies in the industry.


EcoSolar started its operations in 2019 with the primary goal of implementing ecological solutions to protect the planet. Initially, the company focused on photovoltaic installations for local residents. EcoSolar aims to support sustainable development, reduce CO2 emissions, and protect natural resources. Customers benefit from reduced energy bills, the ability to sell surplus energy, and contributing to environmental protection.

As the business expanded, EcoSolar began installing heat pumps in homes. Combined with photovoltaic installations, these systems helped clients create ecological and energy-saving houses. Subsequently, EcoSolar extended its services to public buildings such as schools, city halls, libraries, and fire stations, enhancing the company’s capabilities.

Phone : +48 606 220 875

Email : kielce.ecosolar@gmail.com

Website: ecosolarkielce.pl

Address: ul. Graniczna 47 26-001 Masłów

Region of Cooperation : Świętokrzyskie

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