Home Battery Pack

Home battery packs are critical components of the transition to a more renewable energy source. It helps to smooth out the fluctuations in energy supply by storing excess energy when it is available, and releasing it when needed.

At Chisage, we are committed to working closely with you to understand your unique requirements. We will then provide customized battery packs that meet your specific needs in terms of performance and safety. Our expertise in customizing energy storage solutions make us a trusted partner in a wide range of industries, from renewable energy to telecommunications and emergency backup power.

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5kWh Rack Mounted Home Battery Pack


10kWh Wall Mounted Home Battery Pack


5-20kWh Stacked Home Battery Pack


5kWh Wall Mounted Home Battery Pack


15kWh Floor Mounted Home Battery Pack


10kWh Wall Mounted Home Battery Pack


16kWh Floor Mounted Home Battery Pack

We provide basic warranty for individually inverter and battery; some products support extended warranty, please contact us for details.

We provide local technical support, including test samples, products training; during the first six months we provide free replacement of new units, during warranty period support free replacement spareparts.