Hot Spotlight | Unlocking Poland’s Green Potential with CHISAGE ESS

Introduction: At the beginning of the new year, CHISAGE ESS team started a new journey. on January 16th, the Solar Energy Expo kicked off in Ptak International Exhibition Center in Warsaw, Poland. CHISAGE ESS brought many star products to booth F4.33 and invited you to unlock the green potential of the Polish market together.

Market Introduction

Poland has long been Europe’s largest coal producer, with coal accounting for nearly 70% of its energy mix. Affected by global climate change and the tense situation between Ukraine and Russia, Poland’s energy crisis has accelerated to prominence, with coal prices rising and electricity prices soaring. For this reason, the Polish government hopes to further enhance the degree of social demand for PV, increase the subsidies related to PV projects, and continue to develop the PV industry.In 2018, Poland’s PV installed capacity of 203MW, surged to 3.8GW in 2021, and further rose to 4.9GW in 2022, jumping to become the third largest PV market in Europe. According to statistics, from 2021 to 2040, Poland’s energy transition investment may be as high as €355 billion.

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Live Coverage

Solar Energy Expo is the largest, most professional and most influential solar energy industry event in Poland, which is an international negotiation platform for the development of photovoltaic, energy storage and renewable energy. During the exhibition, CHISAGE ESS’s booth F4.33 was crowded with visitors, and many of our star products were highly favored, especially the Mars series of low-voltage three-phase hybrid inverters, which were booked for testing by a lot of potential customers as soon as they appeared on the show.

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Through the careful explanation of our sales engineers, the unique selling point of Mars series hybrid inverters of “plug-and-play, the safe operation of “48V low voltage“, and the powerful function of “20 units in parallel” were highly appreciated by the customers, who highly recognized our product design and R&D strength.

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  • Residential Low-voltage Three-phase Energy Storage Solutions

  1. IP65 protection degree
  2. Less than 5ms on/off grid switch time
  3. Max.20pcs off-grid parallel connection
  4. 100% Unbalanced sustained output
  5. Equipped with independent GEN port
  6. Matching lead-acid and lithium battery connections
  7. Support smart load intelligent load control
  8. Battery DC reverse connection protection

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On January 17th, CHISAGE ESS team was invited by the organizer to participate in the dinner party, and fully felt the warmth and hospitality of the local Poland. With our professional quality and rich experience, we introduced our company, business scope and development prospect to the guests, and had an in-depth discussion on the industry development trend and future cooperation opportunities, which laid a solid foundation for our further development in this field.

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The melting of snow and ice has brought new green. CHISAGE ESS is committed to providing customers with high-quality, cost-effective energy storage solutions to help promote and apply renewable energy around the world, and is looking forward to working with global partners to unlock more possibilities in the Polish energy storage market.

Next stop, see you at Solar Power Africa!

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