Collaboration and Training: SGS Empowers CHISAGE ESS to Sail Far and Wide

As a professional energy storage solution provider, CHISAGE ESS is committed to providing users with high-quality, high-standard energy storage products, and has reached cooperation with the world-renowned certification agency SGS. Recently, SGS battery experts visited our company to conduct energy storage battery certification training for all R&D and technical engineers.

Collaboration and Training SGS Empowers CHISAGE ESS to Sail Far and Wide 01(1)

Founded in 1878 and headquartered in Geneva, SGS (Societe Generale de Surveillance) is the world’s largest and oldest private third-party multinational group specialising in the provision of testing, inspection and certification services, with more than 2,650 branches and specialist laboratories and 98,000 skilled professionals around the world, it carries out product quality control, monitoring and assurance activities in 142 countries and is recognised as a benchmark for quality and integrity.

Collaboration and Training SGS Empowers CHISAGE ESS to Sail Far and Wide 02(1)(1)

In this training, SGS battery experts not only introduced us to the certifications of different countries and analysed in detail the requirements of North America, Europe, Australia and other countries and regions, including the standards of safety, reliability and environmental adaptability, but also discussed in depth with our engineers the considerations of energy storage batteries in the actual operation and maintenance, such as the key elements of temperature control, safety protection, cycle life and so on. The sharing of such knowledge and experience has greatly helped us in product development and improving market competitiveness.

Collaboration and Training SGS Empowers CHISAGE ESS to Sail Far and Wide 03(2)

At present, CHISAGE ESS has cooperated with SGS in many household energy storage projects, and SGS has highly affirmed the performance of our energy storage products.CHISAGE ESS has always taken the high quality standard as the cornerstone of development, and has always insisted on steady progress and excellence, and has pushed forward the implementation of international authoritative certificates, such as IEC62619, IEC61000, UN38.3, CE-EMC, Rohs, etc., to ensure that the product quality and safety performance meet the world’s leading level, Rohs and other international authoritative certificates to ensure product quality and safety performance to reach the world’s leading level.

In the future, SGS will continue to maintain close and in-depth communication and co-operation with our company, provide professional testing, certification and other services, assist our company to effectively improve the level of quality control, establish a perfect internal quality self-control system, and provide technical support for the subsequent research and development of new products and product improvement, so as to bring more global standards-compliant, safer and more reliable energy storage solutions to global customers.

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