CHISAGE ESS 2024 New Year Gala Highlights

Summarise the harvest of the past year with a grand New Year ceremony. As the dragon rises in the nine states, the years turn over a new chapter.
In 2023, in the face of all the uncertainties and challenges, we have risen to the occasion, embraced change, put in extraordinary efforts, and continued to grow in the midst of battling the storm.

As the leader of the new energy company, Mr Chen Bin has been leading the enterprise to move forward with an open, tolerant and enterprising attitude, so that it will continue to grow and develop in the market competition. In the future, we will continue to contribute to the development of the enterprise towards his guidance and blessing with firm beliefs and unremitting efforts to create a brighter future belonging to CHISAGE ESS.

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They are a surge of future force, new blood, positive and sunny workplace newcomers; a behind-the-scenes force that responds in a timely manner, provides enthusiastic service and is brave enough to make breakthroughs; a backbone of research and development who dares to climb, constantly breaks through and innovates and overcomes difficulties; experienced, skilled, dedicated role models in production; night and day, brilliant achievements, focused and dedicated marketing experts.

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The Spring Festival is approaching, many CHISAGE ESS colleagues are still on the road of pursuing their dreams. We connected with Mr Will, who is far away from overseas, and he sent us his New Year’s blessing at the meeting, and celebrated with all of us by raising a glass to celebrate this time together.

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Every effort should be recognised,  every flash of light will be seen. The original intention of “leading the innovation of energy” has never changed, and we believe in the power of belief. 2024, we hope that CHISAGE ESS will sing all the way and lead the future.

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