Exhibition Review | Approaching Iraq with CHISAGE ESS

From 12th to 14th February, CHISAGE ESS team’s footprint arrived at the Iraq International Energy Exhibition, bringing our star products and solutions to booth D33, to get a closer look at the local energy storage demand.

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Market Introduction

Iraq, as an oil-rich country in the Middle East, suffers from a chronic shortage of electricity supply, with nearly one third of its electricity supply coming from imports, and it relies on imported natural gas to generate electricity. In order to promote the modernisation of the economy, the Iraqi Government has begun to encourage the development of renewable energy sources, particularly photovoltaic energy.

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According to the data, Iraq’s average daily sunshine hours can reach 8-10 hours, and the average annual sunshine hours can reach 3,000-3,650 hours, which has the conditions for large-scale development of photovoltaic. In order to promote the energy transition, Iraq has approved a special fund totalling $680 million, with plans to invest $100 billion in the green economy by 2035.

Highlights Review

The ninth Iraq International Energy Exhibition and Conference IEE, sponsored by His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr. Mohammed S. Al Sudani, and the Ministry of Electricity, achieves opportunities to enhance cooperation with investment companies specialized in the field of electric energy, as well as to build bridges towards economic integration and encourage investment.

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At the exhibition site, CHISAGE ESS team had a warm conversation with the customers and understood the market demand in Iraq. Due to the underdevelopment of the Iraqi power grid and related infrastructure construction, higher requirements for PV energy storage products and technologies have been put forward.

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CHISAGE ESS has been in the field of photovoltaic energy storage for many years. With the strength of R&D and innovation, we can design energy solutions that meet different scenarios according to local conditions. Our Jup series single-phase 5-10kW hybrid inverters, Mars series three-phase 5-14kW hybrid inverters, and MOON series 5-15kWh battery packs are favored by customers.

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In addition to high-quality productssales networkafter-sales service system and responsiveness are also essential. After the exhibition, CHISAGE ESS will also continue to practice localised services, take root in the Iraqi market and contribute to the local energy transformation.

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