Moving forward in Italy | CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024

KEY ENERGY 2024 kicked off in Rimini, Italy from 28th February to 1st March, and CHISAGE ESS appeared at Booth B6-045 with its high-efficiency energy storage products as scheduled, bringing a great event of business exchange and collision of ideas.

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 Market Introduction

Italy, as one of the most important PV markets in Europe, has a steady demand for PV power. With the “Fit for 55” program, the EU’s goal of reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, Italy will need to develop around 71 GWh of storage capacity. According to a study by Italian grid operator Terna SpA, this scenario would require the development of approximately 71GWh of installed energy storage capacity in Italy.

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The latest data released by Terna shows that by the end of December 2023, Italy had a total of 1.6 million PV systems with a cumulative power of 30.2GW. Of these, 5.2GW were newly installed, an increase of 111% compared to 2022. Residential rooftop PV installed 2.2GW, accounting for 42% of the total new PV installations, commercial and industrial PV installations accounted for 49%, and large ground power plant installations (>10MW) accounted for 8%.

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Live Coverage

KEY ENERGY in Rimini, Italy, is one of the most influential exhibitions in Europe dedicated to the green transformation of Italy and the Mediterranean Basin, focusing on technologies, services, and integrated solutions for energy efficiency and renewable energies, and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, the Italian Trade Agency, and 23 international associations, and attracts a large number of participants from all over the world.20240304 CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024 04(2)

At the exhibition, CHISAGE ESS’s booth attracted a lot of attention, and the popular Jup series single-phase 5-10kW and Mars series three-phase 5-14kW low-voltage hybrid inverters continued to be highly popular. Among them, the Jup series single-phase 6kW hybrid inverter, paired with our 10kWh Battery Pack, has become the preferred choice of many inquirers for residential energy storage solutions. In terms of industrial and commercial energy storage, our Merc series 60kW high-voltage hybrid inverter technology route has been recognised by a number of industry insiders, reaching further cooperation intentions.20240304 CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024 06(1) 20240304 CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024 07(1)

“Bravo! Very glad to see the new brand with strong Italian one-stop service. And be partners, not just customers. Your technical engineers are very patient and responsible even for the small questions. And sales are always online with work work work! Not only products, but also come up with good ideas for my marketing plans.” A customer on site exchanged warmly with CHISAGE ESS team and fully affirmed the professionalism of our company.20240304 CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024 08(1) 20240304 CHISAGE ESS at KEY ENERGY 2024 05(1)

The road of “Italy” is going forward, and we are travelling together all the way. CHISAGE ESS always takes continuityinnovation and collaboration as the main theme of development, devotes itself to solving the most concerned problems of users, simultaneously promotes the certification and localised services in Italian market, provides all-round support for partners and builds a green future together.

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